The Best Mesh Backpacks

The Best Mesh Backpacks

Going on a dive excursion? Make sure you have the right bag to store and transport your gear! The right mesh backpack can make packing for an underwater adventure easier than ever before.

Whether you’re looking for something lightweight and foldable or heavy-duty and reliable, there are plenty of options out there that will suit your needs. From the Mares folding bag to the Scubapro mesh bag, we have rounded up five of the best mesh backpacks that are perfect for any type of diving trip.

Each one is designed with features such as waterproof zippers, adjustable shoulder straps and reinforced construction which ensures protection from water damage while also making it easy to pack items safely so you can be sure everything is secured in its place.

Our scuba professionals have tried out each of these in the Gulf of Mexico and have concluded which are the best to use. Of course, there are more bags than these on the markets, so if you have a favorite we’d love to hear about it!

Why do scuba divers use mesh backpacks?

Mesh bags are an ideal way to transport gear for diving, as they are lightweight and allow water to easily drain out. This makes them great for packing in tight spaces like boats, while also allowing users to rinse and dry the bag’s contents without removing them.

But as a diver, there’s more to it. These bags are essential pieces of equipment when it comes to having the right tool for the job.

Why use a mesh backpack when diving?

Whether you’re new to scuba diving or you’re a technical diver with years of experience, one piece of gear you’ll always need is a mesh backpack. Mesh backpacks are lightweight, durable and easy to use. They allow divers to carry all their necessary dive gear in an organized, easily accessed fashion.

Here are a few reasons why a mesh backpack is an essential piece of dive gear—

  • Mesh backpacks provide ample storage for essential diving gear such as masks, fins, regulators, wetsuits and other accessories needed for a successful underwater excursion.
  • Mesh backpacks are lightweight and resistant to water which makes them the perfect choice for carrying live-aboard gear or rental equipment on resort dive trips.
  • The sturdy construction of mesh backpacks allows them to withstand rugged use and exposure to salty waters without getting damaged easily.
  • Mesh backpacks often come with adjustable straps in order to ensure a comfortable fit regardless of what you’re wearing underneath it.
  • Mesh backpacks offer additional safety features such as drawstring closures or heavy-duty zippers and sliders which give assurance that your items will be securely contained while underwater.

Ready to dig in and get your own dive bag? .

5 of the best mesh backpacks.

We’ve put together a list of the best mesh backpacks on the market, so you can find a bag that suits your needs and budget. From small to large capacity, these bags are perfect for carrying all your essential dive gear while also keeping everything organized and accessible. So whether you’re planning an adventurous weekend getaway or a week-long diving trip, you can be sure to find the perfect mesh backpack for your needs

Cressi Heavy Duty Mesh Backpack

Cressi Mesh Bag

The Roatan Mesh Liter Bag by Cressi is the perfect choice for any scuba diver. This 90-liter capacity bag made from high-density polyester is designed for easy carrying and has two access points – a drawstring on the top, and a full-length zipper on the side – to make retrieving equipment simple even when wet.

The bag also features adjustable and padded shoulder straps and chest strap, as well as two reinforced handles: one on the side, and one on the top which allows it to be worn like a backpack. Additionally, there’s a semi-dry front pocket with a zip closure and a reinforced PVC bottom with drainage holes, making this an ideal option to rinse your gear after use.

Designed in Italy by Cressi – pioneers in scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming equipment since 1946 – this bag is sure to live up to their standards of quality. With its thoughtful design features and reliable construction, you can trust that the Roatan Mesh Liter Bag will keep all your scuba diving needs securely under wraps.

Scubapro Mesh Sach Gear Backpack Bag

ScubaPro Mesh Backpack

The Scubapro Nylon Mesh Sack is an ideal solution for any snorkelling or tropical dive enthusiast. Made of durable, lightweight nylon mesh, this strong and reliable bag has a large main compartment perfect for stowing away bigger gear, while the front exterior pocket is great for smaller items. With two padded backpack straps, the bag can easily be carried and the top rope with a sliding Spring-loaded button closure ensures that everything stays secure.

This spacious sack measures 26-in x 16-in, making it big enough to store two sets of fins, snorkels and masks – as long as they’re not long blade fins – along with additional dry clothes, towels and snacks. It even offers enough room to take a camera bag on any adventure. As a leader in the diving industry since 1946, Scubapro not only designs their equipment to work hard but also bring style to any dive excursion.

Mares Cruise Mesh Backpack Elite

Mares Diving Backpack

The Mares Folding Bag is the perfect option for any avid scuba diver. This black bag, with dimensions of 11-in x 8-in x 2-in, boasts an integrated soft handle and a zipper closure for easy access and transport. It also features adjustable shoulder straps that make it comfortable to carry, even when fully loaded.

This lightweight but sturdy bag can be folded into a small size which allows it to fit in your suitcase or backpack easily. Its foldable design makes it ideal to take on the go and have wherever you need it without taking up too much space or weighing down your luggage. It’s great for storing wetsuits, towels, gloves and any accessories you may need on a dive excursion making sure that everything is secured in its place.

The Mares Folding Bag is a handy accessory for any underwater adventure whether it’s for a quick day trip or a longer one. Its stylish design, versatility and durability makes this bag a must-have item for any experienced diver looking to keep their gear organised and accessible at all times.

Oceanic Mesh Backpack Gear Bag

Oceanic Diving Mesh Backpack

The Oceanic mesh backpack is an ideal companion for any snorkeling enthusiast. This black bag has a nylon mesh construction that is lightweight and allows for easy rinsing and drying of the gear. Additionally, the backpack features padded shoulder straps and drawstring closure to ensure secure storage.

The exterior pocket on this pack has been constructed with gray 210D nylon fabric and PU coating to keep your items dry and protected. What’s more, it boasts a heavy-duty #10 YKK zipper along the side which makes it easy to access your gear while also remaining secure. The added comfort of padded shoulder straps with adjustable sternum strap helps make carrying the bag comfortable even when fully loaded.

For those who are looking for a reliable and durable bag for their diving adventures, the Oceanic mesh backpack is the perfect choice. With its 18-in x 29.5-in size, this bag offers enough space for all of your snorkeling needs including c-cards, wallets, towels, masks and other accessories you may need during an underwater excursion.

Scubapro Mesh Bag Coated Lightweight Mesh Bag

ScubaPro Mesh Duffle Bag

The Scubapro mesh bag is the perfect solution for any avid scuba diver. This bag is made from strong, lightweight nylon and PVC-coated mesh which makes it tough yet foldable for easy storage. The top-loading U-shaped opening makes it easy to pack items such as masks, fins, regulators and wetsuits for an efficient trip.

This bag includes a saltwater-resistant YKK vision zipper with double sliders which adds convenience when opening or closing the bag. It’s also ideal for carrying live-aboard gear, dive suits or rental equipment on resort dives. In addition to this, its lightweight but sturdy build means that you won’t be weighed down. This makes it a great choice for trips of all sizes.

The Scubapro mesh bag is an excellent choice for any seasoned or aspiring underwater explorer looking to make their diving excursions easier and hassle free while keeping all their gear safe and secure during transport. Driven by innovation and improvement in the diving experience, this bag is reliable and durable enough to provide years of use without compromising on quality.

Hit the water with your mesh backpack!

No matter what type of underwater adventure you’re going on, having the right bag to store and transport your gear is essential. From lightweight mesh bags to sturdy foldable ones, there are plenty of options out there that will make packing for a dive excursion easier than ever before. If you want something reliable and durable enough to last through many dives while also providing convenience when carrying it around – then any one of these five bags we discussed in this article would be an ideal choice.

So get ready, hit the water with your mesh backpack and let us know how it worked out for you.