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Sharkbanz 2 Review

Sharkbanz 2 Review

Whether you’re an avid scuba diver, surfer or even a marine science professional, chances are you’ve heard of Sharkbanz 2. Perhaps you’ve read a Sharkbanz 2 review or two as well.

They’re fairly common among ocean enthusiasts, and for good reason. Sharkbanz 2 are shark deterrents that use magnetic fields to deter sharks from approaching you.

The device is small enough to be worn on your wrist or ankle, which makes it incredibly convenient for a variety of water activities.

So if you’re considering using Sharkbanz 2, here’s a comprehensive review of what it has to offer\.

What are Sharkbanz?

Sharkbanz are a wearable technology designed to deter sharks from attacking humans. By emitting a low-frequency electromagnetic field, Sharkbanz safety devices are said to be able to repel and even deter certain species of shark by disrupting shark’s senses such as their electroreceptors.

Sharkbanz claims that this technology has been tested in independent studies by marine biologists and has proven effective against the most common predatory sharks such as blacktip, bull shark, hammerhead, and lemon shark.

While that’s their claim, we’ve used Sharkbanz on countless dives so we’re going to give you our first-hand review of the active shark deterrent band.

A comfortable shark deterrent band.

First off, straight out of the box, we noticed that the Sharkbanz 2 band is comfortable and convenient. The waterproof band designed for deterring sharks is made of a lightweight silicone rubber material that fits comfortably around your wrist or ankle.

In addition, the Sharkbanz 2 features an adjustable fastening closure that makes it easy to put on and take off quickly. This makes them great for activities like swimming, surfing, or scuba diving.

The shark deterrent in action.

During our dives, we wore the patented magnetic technology on both our wrists and ankles. While we didn’t encounter sharks on every dive (maybe that shows that it effectively deters sharks?), we did encounter bull sharks, tiger sharks, and other shark species on a handful of dives.

Keep in mind that we normally dive off of the gulf coast where you don’t typically see murky water and we have generally clear water.

For each encounter, we tried to encourage shark interactions but to no avail. We could see the bull shark swimming in our vicinity, but not close enough for us to fear a shark attack.

With that, we can only conclude that when we’re wearing Sharkbanz that it would repel sharks near our diving spot.

What about every other shark repellent?

Several other shark repellent products are available today, all claiming to help protect you from shark attacks. However, many of them have yet to be tested or proven in independent studies. And, if they have been, they lack the comfort of a waterproof band.

For example, the Ocean Guardian Freedom Surf+ fits onto surfboards, and the Shark Shield Freedom 7 has a ridiculously long antenna hanging from the back of the device.

Sharkbanz 2 is a much more comfortable and convenient solution than these other devices.

This patented magnetic technology developed by Sharkbanz is a practical, convenient, and comfortable shark deterrent that can help keep you safe while in the ocean.

What other divers are saying.

Now that you’ve got an idea of our experience with this active shark deterrent, we also take a look at other divers’ reviews.

Overall, most divers have been pleased with the product, noting that they felt more comfortable and secure while diving with the Sharkbanz 2 band on. They also noted that sharks seemed to stay away from their vicinity, which gave them peace of mind when in the ocean.

Almost every Sharkbanz review we read highlighted the fact that they enjoyed the peace of mind of having one of the best shark deterrents on the market. With that, we did come across a Sharkbanz 2 review that was somewhat critical in the fact that you have to be mindful of what you have around it (i.e. pacemakers, phones, credit cards, etc.).

With a 4.7 rating on Amazon from nearly 1000 users ranging from beach goers to ocean athletes and marine professionals, that’s confirming what we thought.

The verdict – they do deter predatory shark species.

After our own Sharkbanz review and reading what others are saying about the shark deterrent, we’ve got to say that the patented magnetic technology does work. We didn’t come across any shark attacks and the bull sharks we encountered stayed away from our vicinity when wearing the bands.

We can’t confirm that the Sharkbanz bracelet will prevent a shark attack altogether, we did notice that it kept various predatory shark species away from us.

Sharkbanz FAQ – Everything you wanted to know.

We’re not marine biologists, but we’ve seen Sharkbanz 2 actively repelling sharks. So we know a thing or two about these bands. Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have other questions.

Does Sharkbanz really work?

From what we’ve seen in our Sharkbanz review, yes, the technology does work. We’re still here typing out this Sharkbanz review with two hands and not one.

However, while Sharkbanz 2 seems to effectively deter attacks, it can’t eliminate the risk altogether. Sharks are an ambush predator in the animal kingdom and as such, can easily get too close for comfort.

How does Sharkbanz prevent shark attacks?

The shark repellent uses weak electromagnetic signals to deter predatory shark species. Sharks have sensory organs called the Ampullae of Lorenzini, which are highly reactive to these signals. While these gel-filled canals in their sensory system helps them hone in on prey, it can also be disrupted. That is what Sharkbanz2 does.

Where can I wear my Sharkbanz?

You can wear them in any water activity – swimming, surfing, kayaking, diving, and more! They’re waterproof up to 100 meters so you don’t have to worry about taking them off while underwater.

Can I wear my Sharkbanz all day?

Yes, you can comfortably wear your Sharkbanz all day long. It’s waterproof and made from premium materials such as neoprene rubber. Plus, the bands come in various colors and an adjustable band, so it’ll fit you perfectly.

Has anyone been attacked on Sharkbanz?

There has been only a single known instance of a shark attack while wearing Sharkbanz. The individual was surfing in south Florida when he fell from a wave and was bitten. However, the shark quickly released him.

While wearing Sharkbanz does tremendously improve your safety in the ocean, it’s still advisable to exercise caution when near possible predator species.

Is Sharkbanz just a magnet?

Rare earth magnets are merely a small part of the technology. The patented tech actually uses an array of weak electromagnets to repel sharks. This also helps eliminate any unwanted side effects that may come with stronger magnetic fields.

Do Sharkbanz scare fish?

Nope, only shark species and not any other wild animals. As we mentioned, this shark repellent works by disrupting predatory shark species’ natural hunting senses, not by scaring them away.

Are Sharkbanz safe?

They are perfectly safe to use and wear. The electromagnetic signals are extremely weak and will not affect anyone or anything other than predatory shark species. They’re also safe for pregnant women, as the magnetic fields are far too low to impact developing babies.

However, if you have medical implants that may be affected by strong magnets, you should check with a medical professional before using Sharkbanz 2.

What kind of sharks does Sharkbanz2 repel?

Sharkbanz 2 can deter sharks from various species. From our first-hand experience with bull sharks, we can say it can deter them. However, they claim it can also deter tiger, lemon, hammerhead, sandbar, and dusky sharks.

Ready to buy your own Sharkbanz 2?

So if you’re looking for a way to safely enjoy the ocean without worrying about predator species close by – we highly recommend Sharkbanz 2.

Whether you want to prevent great white shark attacks or simply looking for a shark repellent to provide peace of mind, Sharkbanz 2 may be the answer.